A list of commands you can use on the server

/tpa <playerName>

Teleport you to a player

/tpahere <playerName>

Teleports a player to you

/tpcancel <>

Cancels your teleportation request

/tpaccept <>

Accepts a teleportation request

/tpdeny <>

Denys a teleportation request

/sethome <homeName>

Sets a new home

/delhome <homeName>

Deletes a home

/homes <>

Shows your homes

/home <homeName>

Teleports you to your home

/msg <playerName> <messageContent>

Privately messages a player

/r <messageContent>

Replies to your last message

/rankinfo <>

Shows information in chat about how to obtain ranks

/alteritem <name/lore> <newName>

Allows you to edit the name or the lore of an item with color

/particle <set/remove> <particleName>

Allows you to either set or remove any particle in the game as a trail

/link <>

Links your minecraft account to your discord account